ToY Club – Stuttgart, Germany

Under My Feet – EGG, London, UK

Die Lola – Aalen, Germany

ToY Club – Stuttgart, Germany

Rollin’ Rave NYE-NYD – London, UK

Timanti and the Tribe – London, UK

Borchardt – Berlin, Germany

AudioIntensiv, Subway – Cologne, Germany

Die Lola – Aalen, Germany

ToY Club – Stuttgart, Germany

Atelier Echelle 1, Lille, France

ToY Club – Stuttgart, Germany

Friday Thirteenth Club – London, UK


Hoxton Basement – London, UK

NOW&WOW Fest – Rotterdam, NL

ToY Club – Stuttgart, Germany

AudioIntensiv, Artheater – Cologne, Germany

Bedroom Rave, The Arches – London, UK

Villa Vedetta – Florence, Italy

Flo Firenze – Florence, Italy

Villa Mangiacane – Florence, Italy

Georges Mandel – Paris, France

Always, The Old Bath House / Cre8 – London, UK

Skybar, Mondrian Hotel – Los Angeles, USA

Jacked In Summer Party – Dalston, London, UK

We Are FSTVL – Essex, UK

RVLRY Warehouse Festival – London, UK

Stories, Jacked In – London, UK

Le Bal De La Jarretiere – Toulouse, France

Spreesound, Improkdr – Berlin, Germany

Georges Mandel – Paris, France

Dusk, Warehouse LDN – London, UK

Cuckoo Club – London, UK

Bedroom Rave – London, UK

Aztech Knights, Crucifix Lane – London, UK

Studio 338 – London, UK

“They have the techno know how, the techno talent, the just good music superpowers that is going to launch them into the upper stratosphere of dance music.”

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“Something that is very important to us is to get even more females into the scene. Something that has bothered us ever since we went to our first rave is that there are not enough females out there truly enjoying techno…”

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“They make everyone have such a good time when they DJ… It is really refreshing to see up and coming talent like that coming through”

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